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About Us

African Adventure Tours is one of the best private owned and well-organized tour operators in Ethiopia. African Adventure tours offer the highest level of expertise for travel to Ethiopia, but charge less than our competitors. It is committed to the development of responsible tourism within the country, as that provides real and tangible benefits to both visitors and the local communities.

African Adventure Tours operates a wide variety of tours, appealing to all interests, whether history, culture, trekking, bird watching or safari trips or combined tour programs according to the interest and budget of our guests.

Our Ethiopia itineraries include: Ethiopia historical tours, Ethiopia cultural tours, Ethiopia Omo Valley tours, Ethiopia trekking tours, Ethiopia bird watching tours and tours to Danakil depression, Erta Ale and Dallol. Up on request we also arrange Ethiopia custom designed tours to visit Ethiopia top tourist attractions like Rock Churches in and around Lalibela, churches and Monasteries on Lake Tana, monasteries around Gorgora, the castles of Gondar, the steles in Axum, Rock Churches in Tigray, the temple of Yeha, Debre Damo Monastery, the old walled city of Harer, Simien Mountains, Bale Mountains and cultural tours to visit Ethiopia tribes in the south Omo Valley such us Hamer, Mursi, Bena, Ari, Geleb, and to the west of Omo Valley to visit Surma, Gambela people.

African Adventure Tours is licensed by The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Trade and Industry Minister; Business license No. 565/99.


African Adventure Tours team is composed of dedicated and professional staff. African Adventure Tours is headed up by Michael Gerrish. He was born in Australia: but he has traveled many times to Ethiopia and has accumulated managerial experience in travel arrangement.  He loves not only the tourist attractions of Ethiopia but also all the local people living in every part of the country.  These are the reason for establishing his travel business in Ethiopia.
Abebe Haregewion is Tour Operation Manager and Tour Guide for African Adventure Tours. Abebe is an Agriculturalist, Geographer and Tour Guide by profession. His experience in agriculture gives him a wide knowledge of all the ethnic, fauna and flora, his experience in teaching gives him good communication skills.  Abebe choose not be an agriculturalist or a teacher, because of his interest in tourism.  Hence he engaged himself in Ethiopian tourism since the last seven years.  During the last seven years he has been guiding tourists out of different parts of the world to the most remote and spectacular tourist attractions in Ethiopia.  There is no any part of Ethiopia where Abebe doesn’t know his way.  Besides, his professional experience Abebe has a special interest in Historical and Cultural trips, camping trips, walking & trekking, and bird watching.  

AAT Tour Guides are multilingual experienced professionals. They have many years experience in education and are graduates of Tourism collage. They have expert knowledge on the country’s history, cultures and wild lives. They can take you around while you are in Ethiopia and share all they have.
The drivers too are well experienced and have widely traveled through out the country. They have developed smooth relation ship with the local people in every corner of the country. They have good linguistic skills: they can communicate in English and some times can work as Driver guides.
In general if you are once on the ground with African Adventure Tours drivers and Tour Guides, you are always in excellent hands and you will immediately feel our extended-family attention.
African Adventure Tours has modern logistical support. We use our own comprehensively insured vehicles, Toyota Land cruiser 4WD Toyota Minibuses and Coaster buses.  All these modern logistical support adds to our smooth tour operation.
Our motto is the maximum satisfaction of visitors. In addition to the normal tour arrangements, our company arranges visit of rarely visited sites which will remain life long memory for clients, Colorful markets, national dinner parties, traditional folkloric dances and Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. 

Our group and individual clients from Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland and North America have witnessed their great satisfaction with the quality of our services.
African Adventure Tours will help you with whatever type of experience you are looking for. As a client, you are assured of our excellent service and attention to detail.  


African Adventure Tours provides the following services:
Package tours  .  Air ticket sales (Ticketing)  .  Personal interest tours  .  Tailor-made tours  .  Bird watching  .  Trekking  .  Historical Tours  .  Safari tours  .  Cultural Tours  .  Festival tours  .  Horse riding  .  Pilgrimage Tours  .  Botanical Tours  .  Volunteer Tourism  .  Filming & Photo safaris  .  Car rentals  .   Hotel reservations

The following are unique characteristics of African Adventure Tours

  • Young but dedicated, professional and multilingual staffs
  • Contemporary logistical support
  • Modern and comfortable camping gears
  • Competitive prices
  • Greatest diligence and exceeding great care we take in conducting the tour operation.

Whichever type of service you request we are here to handle your request. Contact us now and we will be at your disposal.

What is more, the customer can be assured of first rate service which is the out come of the greatest diligence and exceeding great care we take in conducting the tour operation.
We are a responsible tour operator and for us the safety of our clients and staff is of paramount importance.  We would not run any holiday that we did not consider reasonably safe.

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