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Ethiopia is a country that holds many unique treasures for photographing and filming. It is the oldest independent nation in Africa, is a land of stunning natural beauty, a rich diversity of culture and geography that captivate all visitors. This combination of history, stunning scenery and above all a fascinating culture makes Ethiopia to be regarded as the cultural capital of Africa. All these facts made Ethiopia to be the best country for filming and photographing.
Photographers and film crew from different part of the world, including BBC TV, CNN TV and National Geography Channel has presented their interesting programs from their Ethiopia shooting.
African Adventure Tours has professional experience in organizing photographing and filming to the timeless attractions of Ethiopia. Our company provides the following services on this regard.

  • Facilitate filming or Photography permit in Ethiopia
  • Facilitate filming logistic import to Ethiopia
  • Work as co-ordination
  • Arrangement of Charter flights
  • Arrangement of translators and other staffs
  • Arrangement of transportation and accommodation, etc.

For further information, please contact us we are very happy to help you.

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