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Birding sites in Ethiopia

Bird Sites

Birding sites in Ethiopia and key species

Important bird Areas of Ethiopia, published by the Ethiopian wildlife and natural history society, provides a list of 69 sites, spread throughout the country, with much work in identifying and classifying new sites still to be done.

Most bird watching sites are in the south of the country an itinerary in search of all of Ethiopia’s endemic birds would take in Debre Libanos, north of Addis Ababa, the Jemma River valley the escarpment north west of Addis Ababa, around Debre Berhan and Ankober and the descent to Melka Jebdu, the Awash National park, the rift valley lakes, Wondo genet, Bale and the road south through the Harenna forest to Negele, the area near the border with Somalia near Bogal Manyo, west from there to Yabello, Konso and Fejej and Nechsar National park.  This would take a minimum of 3 weeks, but shorter tour of about 10-15 days which would guarantee seeing most of the endemics and several hundred other species could be set up covering Awash National park, the rift-valley lakes and Bale Mountains.

Hereunder are the popular bird watching sites in Ethiopia and with the corresponding key species.

Sululta wet land and plane
White-Winged Flufftail
Rouget's Rail, Pallid Harrier, Great Snipe

Jemma and Jara valley
Harwood's Francolin
A total of 6 Sudan-Guinea biome species and 6 Somali- Massai Biome species
Various species Vinaceous Dove, Foxy Cist cola, Speckle fronted weaver, lesser Blue- eared Glossy Starling and Black faced Fire finch

Ankober mountain range
Ankober Serin

Alyu Amba- Dulecha
Yellow throated Serin.
At least 15 Somali- Masai biome species, and six Highland biome species, as well as various other lesser-known species, such as Chestnut- crowned Sparrow- weaver. Sombre Chat and Pale rock-sparrow.
Over 440 species of bird have been recorded in this area including rare species such as yellow Throated Serin, Sombre Chat, and Arabian Bustard etc

Awash National Park
The total number of species recorded here are 460. And Now it is believed to be even more Yellow-Throated Serin, Somber Chat, Imperial Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, pallid Harrier, Basra reed Warbler
More than 50 species belonging to the Somali-Masai biome have been recorded in the park.
Large land birds ostrich, secretary bird, Kori and Arabian Bustards
Around 50 birds of prey and vultures, particularly interesting species are Bat Hawk, various snake-eagles and Imperial Eagles
Breeding place for Rupell's griffon vulture, Fox kestrel and Carmine Bee eater

The Bale Mountain NAtional Park
The vulnerable Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, and wattled Crane
Pallid Harrier, Rouget's Rail, and Abyssinian Long Claw
42 highland biome species, 88 percent of the Ethiopia's highland biome assemblage, more than 265 species.
Spot breasted Plover, Yellow- fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Wood pecker, Abyssinian Long Claw, Abyssinian Catbird, and Black Siskin.

Sof Omar Cave
Salvadori's Seedeater
17 Somali -Masai biome species including Fischer's Starling

Sanetti Plateau
Prince Ruspoli's Turaco, White winged Dove, Jubaland weaver
16 other Somali- Masai biome species. Ovambo Sparrowhawk is also known from this site

Bogol Manyo
1 globally threatened species Degodi Lark
White-Winged Dove, Somali Short-billed Crombec
White winged Dove, Degodi Lark, Jubaland Weaver
Somali-Masai biome species such as Somali Bee eater, scaly Chatterer, Golden pipit, and smaller Black -bellied Sunbird...
White-headed Moosebird, Blue-capped cordon bleu, and Fischer's Starling are all known

Liben Plains and Negele wood lands
Sidamo Long - Clawed Lark
Other birds including Somali Short-toed Lark, Tiny Cisticola and Heuglin's Bustard, Hunter's Sunbird, Golden pipit, pygmy Batis, and Red -naped Bush -Shrike, White crowned starling and Rufous Sparrow, and the uncommon Coqui Francolin.

Mankubsa - Welenso Forest
Prince Ruspoli's Turaco, Salvadori's Seedeater
Somali Short -toed Lark, Boran Cisticola, Banded Parisoma and Somali Long billed Crombec and red Chested Sunbird

Dawa-wachile and Arero forest Negele
Pringle's Puffback, Abyssinian Grosbeak Canary Bare eyed Thrush

Yabello Sanctuary and Elsod Creator Lake
White-tailed swallow and Abyssinian Bush Crow
At least 62 species belonging to the Somali- Masai Biome.

Significant numbers of water bird species occur, particularly white-breasted Cormorant, white -faced whistling Duck, spur-winged Goose, Red Knobbed coot.
Pygmy Goose, Saddlebill Stork, Brown Snake Eagle, Grey Kestrel, and Green backed honey guide, Blue Headed Coucal, spotted Creeper and African Fire finch.

Abyata Shalla bird sanctuary
Over 400 species were recorded particularly raptors, flamingos and other water birds.
One endemic and five species restricted to the Highland biome have been recorded

Green Lake, Lake Zeway and Lake Langano
Ferruginous Duck, pallid Harrier, lesser flamingo and Imperial Eagle
Great white Pelican, Marabou Stork, Fuyluvous Whistling Duck and white- faced headed Gull, Black-headed Gull; Grey headed Gull, Whiskered Tern, and white winged black tern, white breasted cormorant and reed Cormorant.

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