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The polico- religious monasteries of Haiq Estifanos are found north of Dessie. The famous church was so popular with religious scholars and great contributors to the restoration of the Solomonic dynasty in Lalibela in the 13th century. Only monks are living and serving in it. The monastery preserves wooden and stone relics of the days of its foundation.


This church was built in a marvelous (table land) landscape. It is one of the most sacred churches. Underneath of the church the original fragrance of the True Cross is buried. Emperor Zerea – Yeaekob the 15th century Ethiopia king is said to have brought the piece of the “True cross” here.
It is celebrated on October 1st for the commemoration of St. Mary day. This historical church is built on a cross shaped landscape. Thousands of pilgrims come here on October 1st, its annual celebration day; to commemorate the occasion. It is located west of Dessie after mounting the Zigzag rood crossing the Bishlo River.


The power of the Gondarine Empire was eventually weakened by the presence of the Oromo, as well as by the doctrinal disputes that had undermined the Church. Real power passed to regional warlords in what is called the Era of the Princes, the decades of civil war that ended in 1855 when Kasa Haylu defeated his rivals and became the emperor Tewodros II and he made his capital at Meqdela.
Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia committed suicide in 1868 after being defatted by the troops sent by Queen Victoria of UK.
At Meqdela, besides its beautiful scenery, one can visit the Sebastopol Canyon, the old church and his graveyard. It is the best one of the place for both for trekkers and for historians. (No drive but on mule or walking only.)

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