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The Bale Mountains

Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP) is the largest remaining alpine habitat on the African continent. It was declared in 1970 and is currently 2200km2 in area.
The Park   contains the biggest continuous area of Afro-alpine (~1000 km2, circa 17.5% of all Afro-alpine) and a large proportion of the second largest moist tropical forest in Ethiopia.
Bale Mountains National Park gives you opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and the changes to view many of Ethiopia's endemic mammals, in particular Ethiopian wolves/ Semien fox, Menelik's Bushbuckand Mountain Nyala. It supports the largest population of Ethiopian wolves (~350 individuals,   55% of the global population), Mountain Nyala (~1000 individuals, 50% of the global population), and many other endemic species and important populations like giant mole-rats, the Bale monkey are found in the park. In the park, birds such as the Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Blue-winged Goose, Rouget's Rail, etc. scenic driving and the changes to view many of Ethiopia's endemic mammals, in particular the Mountain Nyala and Semien Fox, and birds such as the Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Blue-winged Goose, Rouget's Rail, etc can easily be seen in Bale Mountains National Park. Bale is the southern-most breeding population of golden eagles, wattled cranes and a large breeding population of bearded vulture. The wetlands and forests of Bale are the source of major rivers which provide a significant proportion of the perennial water supply to approximately 10 million people in South-eastern Ethiopia and Somalia.

Trekking Options

The Bale Mountain National Park offers superb walks and horse treks to view the scenery and the endemic wildlife, bird life and plants.  Our itineraries take you on a breathtaking trek across the Bale Mountains whose landscapes are close to heaven. The scenery is so gorgeous that after only two days you will begin to wonder why on earth you ever left Ethiopia out of your travel plans for so long. Amidst this splendid scenery are some of the highest mountains in Africa, reaching up to 4,377 meters, beautiful alpine lakes and streams full of trout. 

African Adventure tours suggest two options to start a trekking trip in Bale Mountains.

The first option is a trekking that starts from Dinsho which is the head quarter of the Park.
The Dinsho area is covered by grassy riverine plains which are bordered by bands of bushes such as sagebush and St. John's wort. Wild flowers, such as lobelia, geraniums, red-hot pokers and Alchemilla form a colorful carpet during the spring season.  Dinsho Lodge, which is a clean, down-to-earth lodge that is surrounded by juniper trees and numerous species of wildlife, can be used for an overnight stay.

Four days trekking trips can be arranged with camping at Kotera, Wassema and Gebreguracha camp sites.   This trek takes you through the highlands, crossing Batu Mountain, climbing the highest peak in the Bale Mountains, Tullu Deemtu (4377m, 14357ft), a walk through Sanetti Plateau. The vistas are simply unbelievable and so photogenic. En the route you will find small alpine lakes and typical afro-alpine vegetation that includes the Giant Lobelia and shrubs such as 'Everlasting'. Vistas reach out to the strange pinnacles of Chorchora Peak and across the sheer-sided Tegona River Gorge.  On the last trekking day,the car will wait and meet us at Senette Pateau and drive us down to Goba town for an overnight stay at Wabe Shebele Hotel. The road to Goba is the highest all-weather road in Africa and crosses the 4000m (13120ft) contour through some of the loveliest mountain scenery in the world. The road descends through heather moorlands followed by beautiful juniper and Hagenia forest and is lined with the orange-blossomed Leonotis.  Please visit our Ethiopia trekking programs and find a suggested trekking trip in Bale Mountains.

The other option is a trekking that starts from Dodola. The mountain trekking destination of Dodola has been developed recently.
Dodola is 320km from the capital, passing through the Rift Valley and via Shashamene with Adaba 345km from Addis. Dodola is at 2400 m above sea level at the foothills of a mountain range with peaks of over 3700 m. The climate is somewhat cooler than during summer time in central Europe. The area is malaria-free. With increasing altitude the climate gets colder and wetter. Above 3000 m a.s.l. night frosts are frequent. 

For Mountain trekkers

For Mountain trekkers five basic camp grounds with Tukul are located in different sites around Dodola, each with its own characteristic scenery.  These sites are Wahoro, Hangafo, Adele, Mololicho and Duro. The 5 forest camps are at an altitude between 3080 and 3460 meters above sea level. Each camp can be reached from Dodola in half a day. The distance between camps is 5 to 18 km.
One can start for mountain trekking trips at Dodola to these five camping sites. If you do not have time for all 5 camps, we will help you to select the ones most suited to your personal preferences. Programs of just one night with two half days for ascending and descending can perfectly   be arranged.

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