Ethiopia trekking in Simien Mountains
Simien Mountains of Ethiopia also called as the Green Grand Canyon, is trekkers Paradise. It is the best Trekking experience in Africa. In this trek you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Simien Mountains, see the endemic wild animals like Gelada Baboon, Ethiopian wolves, Walia Ibex and many endemic birds of Ethiopia.   


Daily  Guaranteed Departure with 2 participants minimum

Day 1:  
Arrive Addis Ababa
Arrive Addis Ababa and transfer to the Hotel, city tour: A representative from   African Adventure Tours welcomes you on your arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and transfer to hotel. After refreshment, city tour of Addis Ababa. O/n Ghion Hotel

Day 2: Gondar:
After breakfast transfer to airport to fly to Gondar, established by king Fasiledous in 1636. The town was capital of Ethiopia17thc. However The rest of the day visit attractions in Gondar. The attractions that we visit in Gondar includes: Castles of Gondar- are included in the World Heritage List. the royal Fasiledes Bath and the Church of Debre Berhan Selassie with its unique murals. Overnight Goha Hotel  (2100m)

Day 3: Sankaber:
Early departure for Debark town (100 Kms from Gondar), where the head quarter of Semien Mountains National Park is found. Here we pay the entrance fees and a scout and a local guide will accompany us. Then we continue driving to Sankaber (31 Kms) the first campsite of the National Park. On this drive you will gain your first impression of the scale and beauty of this highland region, the extraordinary scenery, enjoying the endemic Gelada Baboons and the bone breaker giant bird Lammergeyer roaring around. O/n Camping at Sankaber. - (3200 m)

Day 4:   Sankaber to Geech Camp Site:
This day is the day that we arrange all the trekking staff including mules and Muleteers for packing and transport of camping gears and all foodstuffs for the trek. It is this day that we start to walk in the national park. We walk from Sankaber to Geech, which will take between 5 - 6 hours. After about 1 and half hours walk we see the Jinnbar River and falls, we will cross the river later in the day. After crossing the river, we ascend for about two hour to Geech, which is full of Giant Lobelias. The scenery is wonderful, and heard of the endemic Gelada Baboon can be seen on our way. O/n Camping at Geech Campsite (3600m).         

Day 5:   Geech – Imetegogo – Geech:

This day we will be waking to the best viewpoints in the National park. First we walk to Imetegogo, the view here enables one to look 3600 to all directions this one of the best view in the national park. After a short stay here continue walk to Seha, the other terrific viewpoint in the National park. We will have our picnic lunch and we continue to the last viewpoint, Quedadit. After some stay we walk back to Geech camp site. The walk this day is not hard; it takes about 4 - 5 hours. It is the day that we will be walking in the best part of the national park. If we are lucky we might have the chance to see mammals like the Simien wolf, Walia Ibex and Klipspringers.   O/n Camping at Geech Campsite - (3600m).

Day 6: Cheneck:
We trek to Chenek, we will be walking through the Giant lobelia trees and under these trees African field Rats are common. After picnic lunch we walk on the edge of Enatye escarpments (4000m. above sea level), which is another breathtaking view in the national park; finally we descend to Chenek. Chenek is the best place to see the endemic Waliya Ibex and more Gelada Baboon. It takes 6 - 7 hours walk.  O/n Camping at Chenek.- (3600m)       

Day 7: Ambiquo:
We walk to Ambiquo climbing Buhit  (14530ft/4430m) Mountain the 2nd highest peak next to Ras Dashen in Semien Mountain ranges, giving excellent views over the whole area. After, refreshment at the summit, you descend towards Chero Laba crossing the Mesheha River, we will reach to Ambiquo and resting for the night here, before the big day on Ras Dashen. The walk of this day takes 7- 8 hours. O/n Camping at Ambiquo - (10496ft/3200m).

Day 8: Ambiquo - Ras Dashen – Ambiquo: 
Very early morning start walking toward mount Ras Dashen.You get up in the pre dawn chill for what will be the most challenging day of the Trek. To reach the summit can take up to 6 hrs. You will head up the valley from campsite to the small village of Mizma, from where you will climb steeply up wards, eventually reaching an impressive amphitheatre made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock, one of which is your goal, Ras Dashen. It is then an easy scramble to the summit, Ras Dashen, which is the fourth highest peak in Africa (14901ft/4543m). After taking in the impressive views descend back to Ambiquo for an overnight. The whole round trek takes from 8-10 hours .O/n Camping at Ambiquo - (10496ft/3200m).

Day 9: Sona: Trek from Hambiquo to Sona.
Walk from Ambiquo to Sona through the magnificent landscape. En route you will see mount Wali Kend and mount silky in a distance view. Overnight camping in Sona

Day 10: Mekarebia: Trek from Sona to Mekarebia.
We descend for about 2 hours and we cross a river. On this river we stay for about 2 hours to swim and wash some clothes and walk to Mekarebia.  O/n Camping

Day 11: Mulit:Trek from Mekarabia to Mulit .
On the way to Mullit this day once again we stop for swimming at the river. Afternoon we will ascend for 2 hours before we reach Mullit.  O/n Camping

Day 12: Aderkay meet vehicles and drive to Gondar:
Trek from Mulit to Aderkay meet vehicles and return to Gondar. We have a two hours walk to Adi Arkai; here we will be picked up by vehicle and drive to Gondar. O/n Goha Hotel

Day 13:  Fly to Addis Ababa and in the evening Departure:
After breakfast fly from Gondar to Addis Ababa. Evening a fare well dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian restaurant with dances from different ethnic groups.  Then transfer to The Airport for your flight back home.

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