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to one of the world's 'emerging and thriving'  tourist destinations, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world  to travel through. It is a unique and rewarding experience to explore and discover the real Ethiopia. ......more on Ethiopia Today.


African Adventure Tours provides a wide range of services for travel and tour in Ethiopia. It is committed to the development of responsible tourism within the country that provides real and tangible benefits to both visitors and the local communities.

We are specialized in organizing tour activities like Ethiopia Trekking tours, Ethiopia Bird watching tours, Ethiopia photographing and filming   tours and many more.

African Adventure Tours can organize a private or group tailor-made itinerary according to your interest, available time and budget.

For any inquiries on supporting services such as Ethiopia car rentals,   Ethiopia hotel reservations, air ticket sales etc, our professionals in each department are waiting to handle your request  ... more on  About Us


The combinations of historical, cultural and natural  attractions make Ethiopia a world-class destination for adventitious traveler.
There are eight world heritage sites representing nature, architecture, archaeology, prehistory, art, culture and many more. Axum, the alleged resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, is the site of many remarkable monolithic stone steles, or obelisks. The medieval castles at Gondar are remarkably well preserved. Equally, the rock-hewn churches at Lalibela are the finest of their type in the world.  Bahir Dar is regarded as a resort destination in the country. It is the base to explore Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana and the monasteries on Lake Tana.
In the east is Harar which is considered the fourth most holy city by Muslims. 
Festivals and religious celebrations in Ethiopia are great and full of colorful events, and frequently take place over several days. The most common Orthodox Christian Festivals include Timket, Meskal and Ethiopian Christmas….More on Festivals.

The Omo Valley, in the south of Ethiopia, is home to a fascinating range of distinct tribal groups, isolated from the rest of the world for centuries and still very much following their own cultures and customs. More on this…Peoples &  Events.

Trekking in Ethiopia is the best experience for many travelers. Simien Mountains National park, Bale Mountains National park and Dodola Adaba are places for superb trekking. More on this Trekking in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia birding/ bird watching is usually known as Birding for East African Endemics.
Our Bird Guides will take you to the popular Ethiopia Birding sites and you help you find the different species of Birds in Ethiopia… More on Bird Watching in Ethiopia.


Addis Ababa Excursions: Includes city tour in Addis Ababa and sight seeing tour around Addis Ababa. A day excursion trips from Addis Ababa either to Debre Libanos Monastery, Blue Nile Gorge, Adadi Mariam, etc

Trips to Historical Sites: Ethiopia individual or group holiday featuring to the Great Historic Route of Ethiopia for visiting the historical and Archeological sites of the country.

Trips to Cultural Sites: Ethiopia Cultural Tours to Southern Ethiopia Omo Valley and West of the Omo River arranged to explore the indigenous tribes of The Hamer, Mursi, Surma and  Gambela people.

Trekking Trips: Ethiopia trekking Tours including Simien Mountains trekking, Bale Mountains trekking or trekking in Adaba-Dodola Community based Eco Tourism site.

Bird Watching Trips: Ethiopia bird watching tours to the main birding sites in the country.

Photo Safari Trips: Ethiopia, cultural capital of Africa, the best place for filming and photographing.

Trips to the Danakil: Ethiopia adventure Tours to Danakil Depression: Erta Ale and Dallol takes you to explore Erta Ale volcanoes and visit of the endless Camel Caravans.

AAT Special Trips: Ethiopia Religious Celebration and Festival tours

Miscellaneous Trips: Ethiopia mixed and combined tours, like Ethiopia historical and Cultural tour, Tour to the Historic Route and trekking, etc

Try one of our Ethiopia Fixed Departure Tours where costs are reduced because of service and resource sharing. African Adventure Tours can organize group tours for you other than the fixed departures if you book as a group.

We have assured you of the high standard of our services. We do understand if you hesitate to take our word for it. Here are some real testimonials of visitors who have toured with us. ...more on Client Testimonials.

We have organized some helpful documents that you are advised to go through before you start on your journey.
Pre-Departure Info are travel related information that you need to know about before you start for Ethiopia.
Things to consider are travel tips and guides that will help you in your day to day trips.
Terms and conditions are legal stuff that governs the relationships that African Adventure Tours has with its esteemed customers

Our Ethiopia photo albums contain magnificent pictures depicting the various aspects of the country, its peoples and natural resources Although these pictures show glimpses of the features of your Ethiopian Tour, they can never replace the  most satisfying experience you will gain by actually being on the sites. Nevertheless, these pictures will serve to whet your appetite of travel and adventure and will be constant reminders of what you are missing. Go through them and save some to your desktop and mail others to your friends. .. More on AAT Photo Gallery

We hope the articles of this web site will help you make informed decisions to visit Ethiopia. When that opportune moment arrives, please Contact us and we will handle your case on a one to one basis and come up with the most cost-effective tour program that can further be fine-tuned as per your particular requirements.
We are looking forward to serving you soon.


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